Manufacturers and exporters of spirits since 1829


Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Founded in 1829, FAUCONNIER specialises in the blending and bottling of a wide range of spirits: whiskies, vodkas, rums, gins, wine-based aperitifs, liqueurs, etc. FAUCONNIER bottles its own branded products and works as well with retail sector bottling private labels spirits. Indead, the efficiency and responsiveness of our production infrastructure allows FAUCONNIER to bottle a wide variety of formats, from 20cl flasks to 200cl magnums. In addition, FAUCONNIER’s know-how is recognised by the IFS and BRC in the award of “high level” certification. This certification has been awarded annually, every year since 1999.

Some numbers

A 60 000 site.

3.5 million bottles warehouse capacity

60 employees

4 production lines

Storage capacity:
30 000 HL

25 million bottles produced per year

Daily production capacity: 130 000 bottles

350 containers loaded per year

Our History

  • 1829


    Founded in 1829 in Hesdin in the Hauts de France, the Distilleries RYSSEN produced beet based alcohol. To meet with local demands, the family business created a small wine bottling unit. FAUCONNIER was born.

  • 1879


    … A few years later, in 1879, FAUCONNIER’s innovation and expertise was recognised by the award of the gold medal at the Paris International Exhibition for TEXA du Perou, a wine based drink with Quinine …

  • 1963


    Fauconnier is contacted by an emerging retail business based in the Lille area, with growing success, the opportunity was recognised to add wines and spirits to it’s portfolio. Fauconnier responds to this new partner and launches the first brands of whisky, rum and vodka on behalf of this distributor : Auchan.

  • 1976


    The original central location within Hesdin was becoming crowded, FAUCONNIER moved to settle in Marconne on a 6 hectares site. This site would be expanded over the years and by the year 2000 had become a modern centre of excellence in the bottling and logistics of spirit categories.

  • Since 2011

    Since 2011

    FAUCONNIER joins the Group La Martiniquaise. This new partnership strengthens FAUCONNIER’s position and enables it to become a major player in its own brands across all spirits segments (whiskies, vodkas, rums, gins, wine-based aperitifs, liqueurs, etc.). Since then, FAUCONNIER has a policy of continuous investment to meet the demands and evolution of the market. This permanent development is led by a team of rigorous and committed professionals who ensure the development of the company by combining tradition and innovation.

Our activities

Research and Development

Research and Development

Our R & D department develops numerous products every year. FAUCONNIER is recognised for its flexibility and ability to meet the demands of customers through innovation within liqueurs, wine-based aperitifs, vins doux naturels and spirits.

Blending Operations

Blending Operations

Our blending operation skilfully creates many spirits recipes meeting the specific requests of each of our customers. Fauconnier also creates high added-value products as arranged rums with fresh fruits bottled handly by our teams. Finally, our storehouse has a very large number of tanks which allows us to store a wide variety of products.



Flexible and efficient industrial facilities allow us to service a wide variety of requests. Our high-speed lines allow us to bottle large volumes, while our lines dedicated to small batch production favour customised products. FAUCONNIER offers a wide choice of containers, formats and closures responding to market trends.



FAUCONNIER develops and bottles all its products in accordance with a strict quality system, thus ensuring optimal product safety and meeting the most demanding specifications. Our production site is recognised by our customers but also by IFS and BRC international certifications.

Storage and shipping

Storage and shipping

With more than 10,000 m² dedicated to storage and dispatch of whiskies, vodkas, rums, gins, wine-based aperitifs, liqueurs, etc., our facilities meet the needs of our customers throughout France and Export markets. The optimal management of our stocks and the flexibility of our teams guarantee traceability and an understanding of the requirement to respect the deadlines for delivery.

Administrative and customs support

Administrative and customs support

A team of professionals who along with our legal department can assist customers at every administrative stage of the export process, in compliance with the European regulations and local obligations according to specific customer requests: – registration of trademarks – supply of specific documents according to local requirements

An international dimension

FAUCONNIER is a major player in the bottling and distribution of spirits in France but also beyond our borders where FAUCONNIER exports more than 10 million bottles per year in more than 90 countries.

An international dimension